Check Out Whiteshell Winter Wonderland!

Open Year Round.

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Eleanor lake, Whiteshell Provincial Park

Cross-Country Ski and groomed Snowmobile Trails.

Riverview Lodge is located directly across from principal Cross-Country Ski and groomed Snowmobile Trails.

Open Year round.

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Eleanor lake, Whiteshell Provincial Park

Directly next to frozen waters offering abundant Ice Fishing!

Open Year Round.

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Eleanor lake, Whiteshell Provincial Park

Snowshoes for rent.

Snowshoeing is a great way to explore the surrounding forest and great frozen lakes.

Open Year Round

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Eleanor lake, Whiteshell Provincial Park

Whiteshell Provincial ParkRiverview Lodge

Check out the wild life like wolfs, foxes, black bears, bold eagles and all the animals in the Whiteshell Provincial Forest.

This is Canada as you knew it could be. From the Precambrian Shield to the multitude of lakes and rivers, the Whiteshell Park is Canada at its best! Almost 2800 square kilometres of protected wilderness parkland characterizes this Provincial Park located in eastern Manitoba, Canada. Hiking trails, canoe routes, cross-country ski trails, snow mobile trails and Canadian Shield rock everywhere
are what makes the Whiteshell Provincial Park a destination location.
The South Whiteshell Trail is a 13 km four season multi-use trail for cycling,
hiking and cross-country skiing.

A 4.2 km Mountain Bike Trail is a loop available at Betula Lake on PR 307. The trail connects Forrester's Footsteps self-guiding trail, so cyclists can expect to encounter hikers along the way.

Winter Activities

The lakes in the Whiteshell Park usually freeze over right around Christmas and the winter recreation season begins. By then there is usually a thick layer of snow on the ground: perfect for all your favorite winter activities. Enjoy!

* cross-country skiingWaterfall
* snowmobiling
* ice-fishing
* down-hill skiing and biathlon at Falcon Lake
* walking / hiking
* snowshoeing

Winter recreation maps are available from the park offices.

Canoeing is full of excitement, solitude and discovery. The Park offers up to 325 km of canoe routes. Paddlers on the Caddy Lake Canoe Route pass through tunnels in a wall of rock. The tunnels were created when the railway came through this area more than a century ago. For those less adventurous, you can spend a pleasant hour exploring a quiet stream. The streams and rivers are natural highways for beaver, mink, otter, and weasels, to name a few. Deer, moose, and fox come down to drink along the shores.

Bird watching is something everyone can enjoy from their cottage window or along one of the hiking trails. Some of the popular birds that you will encounter in the Park are chickadees, grey and blue jays, pine and evening grossbeaks, redpolls, and, of course, woodpeckers. Owls can be spotted anytime during the year, and in the summer months, watch for magnificant bald eagles and the delicate ruby throated humming birds.

While staying in the Park, try golfing at Pinawa's Golf Course and is rated at one of the top 10 of Manitoba's rural golf courses.

Sky watching!Bird watching

Some evenings, the Northern Lights are so energized, they will dance across the sky.

The Whiteshell Park has over 200 km of marked and groomed snowmobiling trails. Whether you take a short ride to one of the many warm up huts or set out for the day on the trails, the Canadian Shield provides a breathtaking backdrop to exhilarating sledding. This extensive system of trails pass through
forests, frozen muskeg and across lakes and starts right at our door.
Hiking trails
Hiking Trails

The Whiteshell Park provides some of the most spectacular hiking trails in the province.

Trails range from pleasant 3 km jaunts to the challenging 60 km Mantario Hiking Trail. Rock outcrops, beaver dams and wildlife make each hiking trip a new experience. 


The 200 lakes in the 2,729 km2 of Park offer walleye, goldeye, northern pike, perch, smallmouth bass and lake trout fishing excitement.

Fishing boat           The Whiteshell Park provides some of the most spectacular hiking trails in the province


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A/C and WIFI in all our cabins

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Lakefront Cabins

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